How to move any Windows from HDD to SSD

This short post describes an easy way of migrating Windows 10 (or any other version) from an HDD to SSD in 10 simple steps using a free software. I apologize for the poor photos of the computer screen, I had no chance to make a good proper screenshots.

First of all, download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard Free.

Then, connect your SSD to the computer/laptop (e.g. you can connect it using a USB-SATA adapter).

Now, launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard and click on the Migrate OS to SSD/HDD Wizard at the top left menu button as depicted on the screenshot.

Since you are migrating the whole operating system to the new disk, mark I would like to replace my system disk with another hard disk option on the next step.

On the next step select the new disk (that one you want to migrate your system to).

Next, it will tell you that all the data on the target disk will be destroyed and ask you if you’re OK with that - click YES.

On the next step mark Fit partitions to entire disk

Next, you will see an information message about possible needing to configure BIOS of your computer for using the new disk. In most cases this is not necessary, though.

OK. So, now click the Apply button at the top left to start copying your system to the new disk.

It will ask you lasst time if you are sure and will ask you to close all the other applications (the latter is highly recommended).

Then, the copy process will begin. Although, it probably will show you one more screen that says the computer needs to be restarted in order to continue. That is totally OK. Just press Restart now here.

You computer will be restarted and the migration process will continue. Do NOT reboot your computer on this stage.

When the migration process is successfully done, you can shut down the computer, put your new disk instead of the old one, and start the computer.

That’s it.