TLDR: this is a quick note for myself on how to monitor AWS entities using Grafana.

#3Create a new user in AWS IAM

  1. go to IAM home
  2. create a new user (e.g. "grafana") with Programmatic access
  3. then, select Attach policies directly and select CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess and AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess
  4. write down the keys

#3Add AWS data source to Grafana

  1. in Grafana admin panel go to Configuration and click Add data source
  2. select CloudWatch
  3. select Access & secret keys as the Auth Provider
  4. put the Access Key and the Secret Key you made when creating the new user in the corresponding input fields
  5. select the default region

#3Add graphs

Now you can just go to Grafana AWS Cloudwatch dashboards reporistory, take dashboard config for the AWS entities you need to monitor, and import them as dashboards in your Grafana instance.