I describe my own experience. I am not a doctor. What I did/do might be harmful for you.

#3A short intro

Couple of months ago I bought a book "Beat autoimmune". My close person has an autoimunne disease (and has issues with her mind). I bought this book as an attempt to find the key to the cure (yes, I am aware that such kind of deseases are incurable). To my surprise, the book not gives a set of steps for beating the desease. It makes it even better. In the book you can find a roadmap and principles on how to build your route on the way of beating the desease.

#3My story

I have an allergy since I was 20. It developed immediately the other day and is getting worse and worse year to year. Today I have to control very conscious what I eat, otherwise I become sick. Along couple of years I tried various treatments. I also set up various experiments with my life style. No success, unfortunately. By the way, during my experiments I became a vegetarian (recent 6 years I do not eat any meat).

#3The experiment

What was a big surprise to me is that the principles presented in the book fit exactly to my case (an allergy) as well. So, what I did is for one month I introduced a diet basing on the ideas I heave learnt from the book.

The main goals of the experiment:

  • clean my body from toxins
  • make my health better
  • detect food/products that are or might be harmful for me

The main principes of this experiment (please, refer to the book for more details):

  • remove from your diet all products that are or might be allergenic
  • remove from your diet all products that you are or might be sensitive to
  • no fruits, only vegetables or some of berries
  • no nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, etc.)
  • no sugar, no fructose, etc.
  • no tea, no coffe, etc.
  • no chocolad
  • you should be on the strict diet at least during one month

Since I am a vegetarian, my diet was in fact a mono-diet, which itself is not a good thing. So, please, do not even think on repeating what I did but rather develop your own way.

I was on the diet one month and couple of days, and here are the results:

  • I lost 6 kg in weight
  • my skin became clean and nice
  • I consume now much less food than I needed before to not feeling hungry
  • I feel good, no illness
  • no negative consequences detected so far

I believe, I will write much more about the topic in further posts - the experiment is not done yet. And so far below I describe the food I was only consuming during the month. By the way, no beverages - only water.

Avocado salad. Perfectly fits for any meal time through the day: a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, whatever. A source of fats. Just slice an avocado in a manner you prefer, mix it with a raw olive oil. Optionally, add some raw sliced cabbage. That's it. Having this salad at the morning I don't feel hungry for a half of the day (until 2-3pm).

Avocado is a very useful product and an excellent source of "good" fats. If you're on a strict diet you should consider including it to your daily food.

a salad from a raw avocado

Sauerkraut. Good as a light snack or as a relish. A source of ferments, "good" microbes, and fiber. This is a very traditional fermented meal in many ex-USSR countries but might be not so well known in other places of the world. Anyway, if you can cook this product (it's very simple), you should consider including it into your daily ration. This product is very useful for healing your guts' microbiome. You can read more on this in another book Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ.


Fried tofu. Good for lunch, a source of protein. Tofu is a food cooked by coagulating soy milk. Originally, this foodis from China, but these days is well-known through the World. You can meet verious form of tofu (fried, peppered, salted, etc.) but I highly recommend using plain raw tofu. The raw product is really not delicious and unpleasant to take, so I eat it light fried. But again, better fry it yourself rather than buying a ready to use one. Otherwise you just can't be sure the product you bought is a high quality (you never know how they made it). Tofu is a soy product, and so there is a chance you have an allergy or sensitivity to soy and so to tofu. This is not an often case, but before consuming tofu better make sure you are not sensitive to soy - make a corresponding blood test. Actually, that was the reason why I did not eat it much.

a plate of light fried tofu

Fried tofu, fresh cucumber, vegan cheese. Good for lunch. Cucumber is a source of fiber (actually, much oftenly I use raw cabbage for this role). Vegan cheese is maden from soy milk (no dairies), I do not like it actually but ate as a part of the experiment.

a plate of fried tofu, fresh cucumber, and vegan cheese

Salted mushrooms. Good for lunch and dinner. A source of protein. Mushrooms might be very hard for your digestion and many people actually can't consume this food without stomach disorders as the consequence. Although, your body can react differnetly on different kind of mushrooms - some of them might be harder to digest and other ones can be quite easy. In my case agaricus bisporus was very delicious but really hard for my stomack. On the other hand, pleurotus ostreatus appeared to be as much delicious as easy to digest, so this is my kind of choice for mushrooms.

On the image below you can see a plate of salted mushrooms, but actually I also consume fried mushrooms (same kind).

a plate of salted mushrooms

Cream-soup from broccoli and spinach. Very good for a breakfast or a dinner. A source of microelements and vitamins. Cooking is very simple: take a piece of broccoli and a piece of spinach, and boil them (separately) until ready, then put them into a kitchen mixer (together) and make a cream-soup, adding a bit of salt.

This meal is very light for stomach, very delicious, and easy to cook.

a plate of a cream-soup from broccoli and spinach

Cabbage-cucumber-avocado salad. Good for breakfast and dinner. A source of fiber, fats, and microelements. Easy to cook: take a raw cabbage, a raw cucumber, an avocado, and mix them all up.

a plate of a salad made from raw cabbage, cucumber, and avocado

#3Some cooking advices

  • use raw olive oil for frying (do not use too much of it tho)
  • use linseed oil for salads
  • try not to use salt too much; actually, the less is the better

#3Additional recommendations

  • make sure you take enough proteins and fats (the "good" ones). You will literally kill your kidneys if your diet is just a bunch of proteins without fats
  • try to lower carbs as much as you can
  • drink water; you might not even know you are thirsty until you have drinked a glass of water, so do not wait for it
  • control your weight and your health (heart pulse, blood pressure, etc.)
  • make blood tests short before you started the diet, and keep making the tests once/twice a month
  • exercise; physical activity is very important. You do not need to set a champion's goals, but at least walk or make yoga every day
  • no alcohol, no smoke; at all
  • consult with your doctor regarding your decisions in your diet

#3Further plans

I'm still monitoring my body's reactions. I gently added a bit of carbs to the diet now. I believe this experiment was the right decision. Continue working by the book.