«Алгоритмы. Теория и практическое применение» Род Стивенс - читал в переводе и перевод ужасен: множество опечаток, ошибок, ключи к проверочным вопросам не соответствуют вопросам и т.п. и т.д. Хотя сама по себе книга, судя по всему, вполне хороша — для введения в алгоритмы. Здесь представлены основные алгоритмы и структуры данных, «разжёвано» всё достаточно понятно, на разных примерах.

«Become and awesome software architect. Book 1» Anatoly Volkhover - initially, after a short skim through the book, I was tuned very pessimistic about it. To my surprise, after I have read the book I came to a conclusion that it is actually not that bad I thought about it. The book itself is short, but it contains very decent thoughts on the software architecture and how to cook it. Can recommend.

«The complete human body» Alice Roberts - I do not have an education in medicine or bilogy, but it is very interesting how the human body works. Also, I try to understand root causes of some deseases. That's why I bought this book, and I have to say I have no regrets. Don't know if this is a kind of a must-have book if you're a medicine student or professional, and how quality it is from the professional perspective; but for an «ordinary person» who is interested in how the things work, I believe, this book can be highly recommended.