«Hello, startup» Yevgeniy Brikman — this book doesn't uncover any hidden secrets. If you're an experienced entrepreneur, you hardly will find something new in the book. Although, I find it useful: it contains some interesting thoughts and conceptions I was not aware of before, it also refers to plenty resources that might be helpful. Anyway, if you're about to build kind of a startup, try this book.

«A philosophy of software design» John Ousterhout — very good book about software design. It's not about software architecture, meaning that it hardly will teach you on how to build Snapchat or Instagram. But it is about how to design software modules, write comments, make abstractions, refactor and maintain code, write tests, etc. The book is very easy to read, it's also not so big; but it's useful. On Amazon someone wrote that the book is outdated because it relies on object oriented design and all examples are on OOP. Actually, that's not true. The book is not tied to specific paradigm, and is recommended whether you prefer functional style or OOP or any other way to develop and design your programs.

«Бхагавад-гита как она есть» — индийский эпос. Вряд ли уместно давать какие-то комментарии — всё равно что описывать впечатления от чтения Библии или Корана. Прочесть стоит.

«Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture» David Kushner — if you remember those days when Doom was released and you liked to play the game, you will probably like this book. Awesome story! Also you might find from this book that people are not ideal — from the book I learnt that John Carmack dropped his cat (which has been living for a long time with the team) in an animal shelter, that's disgusting.

«Маленькая книга о большой теории струн» Стивен Габсер — на Амазоне отзывы об этой книге не самые лучшие, но мне она понравилась (возможно, потому что я не очень хорошо учил физику в школе, и мне было интересно читать). Не представляю, как можно быть знакомым с Теорией Струн (в частности) и оставаться при этом, например, православным. Некий Бог, как это описывают различные учения, возможно, и мог создать человека и «весь этот мир» как объекты — но, я думаю, он не мог создать все эти частицы, законы взаимодействия, и вообще всё это на уровне микро-мира. Слишком большая сложность. Так же как и каменщик может создать дом из готовых камней, но сами камни каменщик создать не может.

«The Software Engineer's Guide to Freelance Consulting» Zack Burt and Joy El-Kaake — a relatively short book about how to be a consultant and running own business. The book discovers various aspects of the topic, discussing non-obvious questions, and proposes interesting solutions. E.g. before I read this book, I didn't event consider to use Craigslist for looking for clients (might be sounding weird, but that can actually work). Also, the book contains a very short and basic but same time very solid 30-days plan on growing your consultancy business.