«Permanent record» Edward Snowden - it was a big surprise to me that mr. Snowden actually didn't plan to escape to the Mother Russia from the US, but suddenly has fallen into a trap while being in an airport of Moscow between changing the flights on his way to Ecuador (the place he actually planned to stay at). I'm very sceptical regarding some specific moments of the book, but in general it is a good book if you want to understand Snowden's motives and to learn a bit more about privacy and surveillance.

«Joel on software» Joel Spolsky - when I was young, Joel's blog posts were very popular in the programmers' circles. Spotted this book on Amazon while wandering among the book store and bought it. The book is something that reminded me my young years, but it is outdated as fuck. Doesn't worth to buy it unless you want to experience some nostalgie on the 'old days'.

«Характер физических законов» Ричард Фейнман - хорошая научно-популярная книга на тему физики и физических законов. Основана на лекциях Ричарда Фейнмана.

«Чужак в стране чужой» Роберт Э. Хайнлайн - отличный фантастический роман, затрагивающий (и раскрывающий) многие вопросы социального характера: общество, религия, бизнес, толерантность, "мир будущего", и тп.